MTN Water Based – 12x Pastel Shades Pack

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MTN Water Based – 12x Pastel Shades Pack

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MTN Water Based – 12x Pastel Shades Pack

This graffiti spray cans package contains 12 pastel colors 300ml water-based aerosols in different shades.

This MTN Water Based 300ml Spray Paint is perfect for kids, fine art, graffiti and other purposes. This spray paint is water-based and therefore completely non-toxic and 100% odorless. In addition, the aerosol is low pressure, for a lot of control and the paint has a matte finish.

These aerosols come in 300ml, making them suitable for children’s hands.

The paint is odorless and therefore perfect for indoor use. In addition, the paint is easy to remove with water as long as it is still wet. The drying time is +- 20 minutes.

Suitable for various surfaces such as: polystyrene, wood, metal, glass, cement, etc.

This pack contains the following colors
1x MTN Water Based (300ml) – Carbon Black WB-CB
1x MTN Water Based (300ml) – Titanium White WB-TW
1x MTN Water Based (300ml) – Neutral Grey WB-7538
1x MTN Water Based (300ml) – Titanium Light WB-7402
1x MTN Water Based (300ml) – Cadnium Yellow Light WB-2002
1x MTN Water Based (300ml) – Azo Orange Light WB-150
1x MTN Water Based (300ml) – Cadnium Red Light WB-7416
1x MTN Water Based (300ml) – Quinacridone Rose WB-204
1x MTN Water Based (300ml) – Dioxazine Purple Light WB-2093
1x MTN Water Based (300ml) – Phtalo Blue Light WB-2227
1x MTN Water Based (300ml) – Phtlalo Green Blue WB-573
1x MTN Water Based (300ml) – Brilliant Light Green WB-584

MTN Water Based – Safety Data Sheet
MTN Water Based – Technical Data Sheet & Color Chart

DangerFlammable aerosol.
H229 Pressurised container: May burst if heated.


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