MTN PRO Radiator Paint



MTN PRO Radiator Paint

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White € 8.90 2
Grey € 8.90 1
Beige € 8.90 3

MTN PRO Radiator Paint

You can buy MTN spray paint at Suitup Art Supplies, the online graffiti shop for all your creative supplies. The MTN PRO Radiator Paint is a spray paint, specially developed for painting radiators. The metal paint  is resistant to high temperatures (up to 100 ºC). The paint is easy to apply and paint over. The spray paint is of high quality and has a great resistance to yellowing and scratches.

High opaque paint
High temperature resistant
Great resistance to yellowing
High resistance to scratches
Durable glossy finish
Easy to apply and paint over
Available in 3 colors
Solvent-based satin alkyd spray paint


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