MTN PRO Heat Resistant Paint



MTN PRO Heat Resistant Paint

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MTN PRO Heat Resistant Paint

MTN PRO Heat Resistant Paint is a product fundamentally formulated based on silicone resins and special thermosetting pigments to withstand temperatures up to 690 – 700°C.

Designed for parts or surfaces exposed to various stages of thermal shock, such as stoves, boilers, exhaust pipes, engines or fluid lines.

In the case of the color silver, it is a heat-resistant spray paint, mainly formulated on the basis of polybutylene, titanate resin and thermostable, lead-free pigments. It is specially designed to prepare paints highly resistant to temperatures up to 700°C.

Particularly suitable for parts subject to different stages of thermal shock:

-Industrial installations
-Hot fluid channels
-Engine Blocks
-Exhaust pipes

-Very quick drying
-Good hardening
-Good elasticity
-Scratch resistance
-Good adhesion
-Lead free
– High opacity
-Color durability
-Easy to apply and paint over
-Thermal stability. Resistant to high temperatures up to 700ºC
– Holds well on other heat resistant paints


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