MTN PRO 400ml Chalkboard Spray



MTN PRO 400ml Chalkboard Spray

– Applying 2 coats of paint is recommended
– High coverage
– Dries very quickly

With 400ml you cover an area of 2 square meters on average.

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MTN PRO 400ml Chalkboard Spray

This chalkboard paint changes any chalkboard surface. MTN PRO Chalk Board Paint is designed to turn the wall of a shop, restaurant or home into a comfortable and charming chalkboard that you can decorate with chalk or chalk paint.

The MTN PRO chalkboard paint is designed to mimic the properties of a chalkboard. This unique chalk paint formula can be applied to a variety of surfaces and instantly transforms them into working blackboards.

Like the Montana Colors Water Based Spray Paint, the MTN Chalkboard Spray Paint is a water based formula. It only comes in a very opaque black matte finish. The paint dries quickly and will not smudge or smear when fully cured.

As a spray paint, MTN chalkboard spray is very easy to apply. We recommend applying two even coats to the surface. This ensures a long-lasting, long-lasting result. Furthermore, you must ensure that the surface to be sprayed is well cleaned beforehand. Think of grease, dirt and other residues. This is to ensure maximum adhesion of the chalkboard paint as well as maximum coverage.

The MTN PRO chalkboard paint is compatible with a variety of chalk products, including traditional drawing chalk, liquid chalk markers, chalk paint and chalk sprays! When you’re done with your project, all you have to do is wipe off the chalk with water, while your new chalkboard surface remains!

Main Features of MTN PRO Chalk Board Spray Paint
– Sustainable
– Water based
– High coverage
– Dries quickly
– Once dry, it does not stain when touched

With 400ml you cover an area of ​​2 square meters on average.


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