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Flame Blue – 36 pcs Spray Package

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Flame Blue – 36 pcs Spray Package

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Flame Blue – 36 pcs Spray Package

With a spray can of 400ml you cover an average surface of 2 square meters.

36 pieces pack with all extensive color range. Easy and a great deal, what more could you want!

Contains 4 black, 2 white and light and dark shades of all colors.

Flame Blue Aerosols are based on acrylic. This makes them odorless and suitable for indoor use, on canvas, wall, workshops or children’s parties, etc. Because they are based on acrylic, the spray paint is almost odorless. This also makes them a lot less toxic than the regular graffiti spray can.

The aerosol has a low pressure which ensures good control. The paint covers very well and has a matte finish.

The bus comes with 1 standard soft cap (gray with blue tip) (normal line width)


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