Derwent Charcoal Collection Set – 10 pcs



Derwent Charcoal Collection Set – 10 pcs

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Derwent Charcoal Collection Set – 10 pcs

The new charcoal set includes 4 different shapes of charcoal, from pencils and compressed blocks to thick willow and fine sticks along with a paper stump ideal for wiping and mixing these dusty media.

The Derwent Charcoal Pencil offers all the drama of traditional charcoal with more control and less clutter, perfect for dark, intense lines. The two Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils, Glowing Embers and White, do all this and more by adding a splash of color to your work, allowing you to create rich deep tones and natural highlights.

The three compressed charcoal blocks, light, medium and dark that appear in the set are ideal for larger drawings as they can be used on their side to create wide sweeping strokes. The Natural Chunky Willow Charcoal is perfect for creating bold smooth lines, while the two Natural Vine Charcoal Sticks are ideal for responsive marks.


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