MTN Mega Colors – 6x Pink Package



MTN Mega Colors – 6x Pink Package

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MTN Mega Colors – 6x Pink Package

FASTER, BIGGER AND STRONGER – Montana Colors has changed the formula for faster output, thicker lines and better coverage than ever before. Plus, they’ve expanded the range to 15 of their brightest, most opaque colors.

The new formula also allows optimal functionality even in the most extreme weather conditions. Fully tested down to -15°C and above 35°C. Due to the stable and uniform composition for 600ml, the cans maintain a constant pressure until the end.

– gloss finish
– excellent in extreme weather conditions
– ultra-fast drying times
– high coverage
– thicker, wider lines
– uniform lines from start to finish

Each aerosol comes with a white/pinkdot Fat Cap.


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