Review: Pilot Frixion Clicker Erasable Pen

We recently started offering Pilot‘s entire range, including the popular erasable FriXion pens. The pen that immediately caught our eye and was also immediately adopted for personal use, is the FriXion Clicker Pen. Perfect for both sketching and writing!

The pen is mainly made of plastic with a supple rubber grip and a transparent plastic clip, which makes it hard to lose. Furthermore, the pen stands out with its tribal pattern.

The most important feature is the ability to remove ink. The eraser is located at the end of the pen and when you rub it, the ink disappears due to the heat generated!

To be honest, we had never thought of an erasable pen. You would not normally think of looking for one, let alone know that they exist. The funny thing is that now that we are using them, we don’t want to be without them any more. It’s like when you draw a lot analogue, after working for a long time on a tablet. You miss the control z key.

The pen uses friction heat to make the ink disappear like magic. We were actually pleasantly surprised at how well it clears. You have to rub quite hard, but once the heat is created, the pen does what it promises to do and erases just as well as you would expect from a pencil eraser, only you have the advantage that there is no eraser left on the paper.

After erasing, you can still see the words very faintly, but to some extent that is also the case when you erase a pencil. If you start writing over the erased area, you won’t notice it unless you look for it very carefully. Although it is fine for a few pen lines or a piece of writing, it becomes more noticeable with larger areas of colour.

Another magical effect of the FriXion ink is that the erased ink becomes visible again in the freezer at around -10 degrees Celsius. We don’t know when you are going to put your sketches in the freezer, but it is handy that in addition to the “undo” function, the “redo” function now also exists in analogue form!

The supple rubber grip ensures that the pen sits comfortably in your hand. The pen stays put when you are writing. The Frixion is light and balanced, which means that you can work with it for a long time before your hands get tired.

The ink seems quite watery and wet at first but it dries quickly enough so that you don’t have to worry about smudging. The tip feels good on the paper and the pen writes well. The 0.7 mm tip gives a nice line width, probably a good size for most writing and drawing purposes. You get clear letters, regardless of the size of the handwriting.

The Pilot Frixion is refillable and available in different bright colours. The refill in this pen does not make it easy to see how much ink is left, as the barrel is made of coloured plastic. If you hold the pen up to the light, you can see where the ink line is. To refill this pen, you unscrew the body just below the grip.

We at Suitup are very fond of the Pilot Frixion pens and use them for writing, sketching and colouring. The eraser function is very handy and even if you don’t always use it, the idea that it is there is reassuring!