Review: Erasable Chalk Sprays & Chalk Markers

With chalk paint products you have the possibility to make temporary graffiti, drawings, texts or guerilla actions. Think of catering signs, brainstorming on glass walls, or a marketing campaign. Chalk paint is available in both chalk spray and chalk pens.
Montana-Colors takes chalk spray one step further by devoting an entire PRO line to it. In addition to the MTN Pro Chalkspray, there is also a chalkboard spray paint available and, finally, a chalkboard spray that is magnetic! These water-based chalk products are designed to be used in combination with each other and are an interesting creative tool for everyone from artists to designers and draftsmen.

Chalkboards are super convenient to use for notes and of course useful for visualising almost anything. The reusability of chalk on blackboards, is where things get interesting in any creative space. The chalk spray adheres not only to chalkboards, but to a wide range of surfaces, including plasterboard, cement, wood, ceramics, plastic, glass and cardboard.
Caution, never spray it on a car (as a joke), we have heard stories that it can bite into the top layer of paint and cause permanent damage.

MTN PRO Chalk Board Spray Paint Overview

The MTN PRO chalk board paint is designed to mimic the properties of a chalk board. This unique chalk paint formula can be applied to a variety of surfaces and instantly transform them into working chalkboards.

Like the Montana Colors Water Based spray paint, the MTN Chalkboard Spray Paint is a water based formula. It only comes in a very opaque black matte finish. The paint dries quickly and will not stain or smudge when fully cured.

As a spray paint, MTN chalkboard spray is very easy to apply. We recommend applying two even layers to the surface. This ensures a durable, long-lasting result. Furthermore, you should ensure that the surface to be sprayed is cleaned well in advance. Think of grease, dirt and other residues. This is to ensure maximum adhesion of the chalkboard paint as well as maximum coverage.

The MTN PRO chalkboard paint is compatible with all kinds of chalk products, including traditional drawing crayons, liquid chalk markers, chalk paint and chalk sprays! When you’re done with your project, all you have to do is wipe away the chalk with water, while your new blackboard surface stays put!

General characteristics of MTN PRO Chalk Board spray paint

  • Durable
  • Water-based
  • High coverage
  • Dries quickly
  • Once dry, does not stain on contact

Advantages of MTN PRO Chalk Board spray paint

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with chalk and chalk markings

Disadvantages of MTN PRO Chalk Board Spray Paint

  • Male valve system, so you cannot change the cap with caps from our range without adapter

MTN PRO Magnetic chalkboard spray paint overview

The magnetic chalkboard spray is a supercharged version of the “standard” Chalk Board Paint. By adding charged magnetic dust particles to the original chalkboard formula, Montana Colors produced a product that, when sprayed on, transforms any surface into a magnetic chalkboard. This feature allows magnets to be applied to the coated surface, making it even more interactive for the user!

Similar to the MTN Proline Chalkboard Paint, the magnetic chalkboard paint is a water-based formula, with a highly opaque matte black finish. However, to achieve maximum magnetic strength, we recommend applying at least five to seven coats on top of each other.

Furthermore, because the magnetic powder has a tendency to sink to the bottom, we recommend shaking the aerosol can very well before use. If the aerosol can is not shaken sufficiently, the paint will come out thick and eventually clog the cap. Even after shaking it for a long time, the aerosol can may become clogged during spraying. In this case, simply turn the aerosol upside down and press the cap for about five seconds, shake the aerosol vigorously and then continue spraying.

General features of MTN PRO magnetic chalkboard spray paint

  • Contains special magnetic powder formulation
  • Durable
  • Water-based
  • High coverage
  • Dries quickly
  • Once dry, does not stain on contact

Advantages of MTN PRO Magnetic Chalk Board Spray Paint

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with chalk, chalk markers and magnets

Disadvantages of MTN PRO Magnetic Chalk Board Spray Paint

  • Male valve system, so you cannot change the cap with caps from our range without an adapter
  • Requires 5-7 coats for maximum magnetism
  • Requires extensive shaking; may clog

Erasable chalk markers and chalk sprays

In our range, our personal favourite is MTN Erasable Chalk Spray Paint. Although the quality of the Montana Chalk Spray is the same as that of MTN, the price is a bit more favourable.
When it comes to chalk markers, our personal favourite are the Molotow Chalk Markers. At Suitup, you’ll find a great range of chalk products and each come in a beautiful colour range with matte finish, including: yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, green, black, white, silver and gold!

The MTN PRO erasable chalk paint is available in two different spray cans, a regular 400 ml spray can and a miniature 150 ml spray can. This chalk paint is very quick drying, has a high coverage and you can hardly smell it. This makes them perfect for indoor use. What’s more, the Erasable Chalk Spray Paint contains no solvents, lead or heavy metals, making it environmentally friendly as well!

For writing or detail work, chalk markers are often more convenient to use than spray cans. Our personal favourite are the chalk markers from Molotow. They are of high quality and perfect for many applications. Think of coffee menus, creative spaces or even classrooms. The markers are filled with the same chalk formula as in the aerosols and therefore have a high coverage, just like the aerosols. They are available in 3 different sizes: a round 4mm tip, a 4-8mm chisel tip and a 15mm square tip.

General features of the erasable chalk markers and spray paints

  • Durable
  • Contains no lead
  • Water-based
  • High coverage
  • Dries quickly
  • Does not stain when dry

Advantages of the erasable chalk markers and spray paint

  • Temporary
  • Low odour
  • Easy to remove
  • Environmentally friendly

Disadvantages of the erasable chalk markers and spray paint

  • Limited colour palette


The MTN PRO Chalk Paint line and the Molotow chalk markers are both of very high quality. The temporary application, offers a wide range of purposes you can use these products for. Chalk paint is interactive and easy to use, for everyone of all ages.
The MTN PRO Chalk Board Paint, offers a simple and quick way to transform any surface into a functioning blackboard. The MTN PRO Magnetic Chalk Board Paint goes a step further, with the addition of specialised magnetic powder formula. This makes (chalk combined with magnets) the chalkboard even more interactive.
Finally, the erasable chalk sprays and chalk pens give you a temporary way to get creative without causing permanent damage!