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3M Reusable Half Mask

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3M Reusable Half Mask

The 3M reusable half-face mask is a comfortable half-face mask of 3M type 4251. Blocks both fine dust and gases, unlike many other masks!

The 3M half face mask 4251 A1P2 is a ready-to-use and maintenance-free half face mask. Designed for effective and comfortable protection against many gases, vapors and dust particles.


  • Soft hypoallergenic material with textured face seal
  • Central position of the exhalation valve for effective removal of moisture and heat
  • Adjustable head cradle and neck straps
  • Comes with resealable carrying case

A1 = protects against organic vapors. P2 = protects against dust from paint, wood, polyester, steel. Not against chromium paint, asbestos, fumes and gases

  • Ready-to-use and maintenance-free half masks. They are designed for effective and comfortable protection against many gases, vapors and dust particles. Thanks to the unique filter technology, one
    design with a very low profile, so that the view is not obstructed, making working life a lot more comfortable.
  • Maintenance-free half mask.
  • Soft, textured face seal provides a comfortable fit for the mask.
  • Lightweight and well-balanced for comfort over a longer period of use.
  • Both side inhalation valves and large multi-layer carbon filters to reduce breathing resistance, complemented by a low resistance parabolic exhalation valve to reduce heat build-up.
  • The low profile provides a wide field of vision and compatibility with 3M ™ eye protectors.
  • User-friendly: no assembly, maintenance or registration required.
  • Easy and safe adjustment of the neck strap and head harness.
  • Optional overspray filter guard extends dust filter life during paint spraying.
  • Maximum product weight 320 grams.

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