Pimp your bike with Spray.Bike

Pimp your bike with Spray.Bike

Tired of your old bike? Try painting your bike with Spray.Bike paint. Make your bike what you want it to be, more personal and unique is hardly possible! This way everyone knows that your bike is really your bike and completely matched with your personality. Make your pimped bike as cheap or expensive as you want! If you don’t have an old model lying around, you can of course buy a second-hand bike on the market for next to nothing. Besides painting your bike frame, you can even mount a unique bike basket, bike saddle, bike lock, bike light, bike chain box, bike pedals, bike mirror or other bike accessories to your bike. The options are endless! In this blog you can read how Huub Kappert paints his old bike with a unique design, inspired by the famous paintings of Piet Mondriaan.

First, you need an old bike and a can of spray paint. You probably already have a rusty bike in the shed, but if not, you can always get one at a cheap second-hand price. The paint used here is from the Spray.Bike Historic Collection and the Spray.Bike BLB London Collection.

Step 1. Make the bike as bald as possible

It works best if your bike is as bare as possible. Take off the wheels, the handlebars, the saddle, the bottom bracket, mudguard etc. If this does not work, you can try to cover as much as possible with tape. Cleaning your bike is also very important, make sure there is no mud, sand or other dirt on it.

Step 2. Remove the rust

Remove the rust from the frame, if necessary. You can do this with a wire brush. An electric one is used here, but you can also do it manually.

Step 3. Sanding

Sanding the frame is very important. How well you sand has a big influence on the final result. Start sanding with coarse sandpaper, which removes all the remaining rust and damaged spots. The coarse sandpaper causes scratches on the frame. Therefore, use sandpaper with a fine grain afterwards to make it smooth. The frame must feel completely smooth before you can continue.

Step 4. Cleaning

Now make the frame completely free of grease using petroleum ether. Apply it with a clean cloth or sponge. It is very important that the frame remains free of grease, so do not touch it with your hands, but rather with a cloth.

Step 5. Masking

Cover the areas that do not need to be painted with tape.

Step 6. First paint layer

Now you can spray the first layer of paint on. Here we use the black paint from Spray.Bike. This will eventually make the black lines on a white background. Make sure you stand outside or in a well-ventilated area. You can optionally wear a mouth mask

Step 7. Tape off the design

Tape off the design you want to create on your bike, in this case the lines and squares that should remain black.

Step 8. Second paint layer

Now you can spray the second paint layer on. Spray.Bike white paint is used here.

Step 9. Painting the details

Now paint the details with a brush. Here the boxes are coloured with primary colours of Spray.Bike paint, for the Mondrian effect.

Step 10. Remove the tape

Remove the tape to reveal your design.

Step 11. The wheels

Usually the wheels do not need to be painted, but in this case they do. Repeat the same steps as for the frame.

Step 12. Put your bike together

Put your bike back together and tada! Look at the beautiful result of your pimped-out bike!

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