Angelus Indention paint for leather – 90 ml



Angelus Indention paint for leather – 90 ml

  • Permanent leather paint
  • Penetrates deep into the leather
  • Does not peel or crack

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Thumbnail Variation Title Price Stock Quantity
Blue € 9.90 1
Navy Blue € 9.90 1
Purple € 9.90 1
Burgundy € 9.90 1
Brown € 9.90 1
Dark Brown € 9.90 1
Chocolate € 9.90 1
Yellow € 9.90 1
Kelly Green € 9.90 1
Jade € 9.90 1
Turquoise € 9.90 1
Neutral € 9.90 1
Jet Black € 9.90 4
Cordovan € 9.90 1

Angelus Indention paint for leather – 90 ml

Do you have a leather item that you want to work on, restore or give a new color? Angelus’ penetrating paint, the Leather Dye, is perfect for this. It penetrates deep into the leather and gives a beautiful color that does not peel, crack or wash off. With Angelus Leather Dye a top result is guaranteed!

With this unique paint it is even possible to dye objects made of wood and stone. So are you bored with the color of your wooden side table? Don’t keep walking around with it, but order this penetrating paint from Angelus and bring it to the state you have in mind. The Angelus Leather Dye is an alcohol-based penetrating paint that is not washable.

Because the paint soaks deep into the leather, it is not possible to dye an item from dark to light. In addition, it blends with the underlying color. White leather in combination with red Leather Dye will therefore become light red rather than deep red.

Usage advice for Angelus Leather Dye:

We recommend pre-treating the leather with Preparer & Deglazer for optimal results.
Leather Dye can be combined with the color Neutral.
Use a finisher for protection and to get more shine.
Mixing Angelus Leather Dye is possible.
Comes with a cotton ball to apply the paint, but this can also be done with a brush.

Please note that the final color may vary slightly from what is expected. This is influenced by the amount of paint and the concentration.


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