Molotow ONE4ALL 4mm 227HS-S Mini Marker



Molotow ONE4ALL™ 227HS-S 4mm Mini Marker

4mm mini acrylic marker

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Thumbnail Variation Title Price Stock Quantity
Burgundy € 2.60 7
Mr. Green € 2.60 2
Hazelnut Brown € 2.60 19
Vanilla Pastel € 2.60 21
Peach Pastel € 2.60 3
Ceramic Light Pastel € 2.60 22
Lago Blue Pastel € 2.60 4

Molotow ONE4ALL™ 227HS-S 4mm Mini Marker

These Molotow ONE4ALL ™ 227HS-S 4mm Mini Markers are ideal for any surface.

227HS-S mini marker on acrylic base with an interchangeable 4mm round tip.

One4all – The reference class in the field of markers. Unrivaled coverage, bright colors (100% UV resistance), Flowmaster valve for active color control and with a patented capillary technique.

This groundbreaking hybrid ink can be diluted with either water or acetone.

An example of the surfaces to be worked on are: metal, canvas, stone, glass, plastic, leather, paper, cardboard, wood, textile, ceramics, etc.


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