Edding acrylic marker 5100 medium point



Edding acrylic marker 5100 medium point

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Thumbnail Variation Title Price Stock Quantity
Pastel Yellow € 2.60 8
Traffic Yellow € 2.60 5
Sunny Yellow € 2.60 9
Classy Mauve € 2.60 6
Neon Pink € 2.60 8
Black € 2.60 2
Elegant Midnight € 2.60 15
Pastel Blue € 2.60 5
Hazelnut € 2.60 8
Anthracite € 2.60 2
Silver € 2.60 12

Edding acrylic marker 5100 medium point

Acrylic markers by Edding are easy to order online at Suitup Art Supplies. The Edding paint marker is filled with acrylic ink and has a medium-sized tip, for the ultimate painting experience. Apply the paint directly from the marker or use a brush. The possibilities for painting are endless! The highly pigmented, permanent acrylic paint is mixable and of artist quality. Choose from no fewer than 26 bright colours. Paint on dark and light surfaces. The paint is ideal for paper, canvas and linen.

How to use: Shake the marker with the cap on. Remove the cap and pump the marker, pointing downwards, onto a piece of paper. Gently pump up and down until the tip is filled with ink.

Highly pigmented, permanent acrylic paint
Point: 2-3 mm
Neutral smell
Available in 26 colours
Store at room temperature (5-30 °C)


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