Graffiti workshop

Graffiti Workshop

At Suitup Art Supplies you will find all the products you need to give a graffiti workshop! Teach your group how to make graffiti letters, tags and pieces and let them discover different graffiti techniques. Whether it’s graffiti for beginners or advanced graffiti, you’ll find everything for it here!

First of all, think about what kind of surface you need, are you going to give the workshop indoors or outdoors? Canvas panels and canvases are very useful for practising spray paint art. You can also use stretch film to stretch between trees. Use gloves, aprons and overalls to keep yourself clean. Protective masks are very important for protection against hazardous fumes. The MTN Hand Cleanser gel is nice to clean your hands afterwards.

You can first let your group practice drawing graffiti letters. This can be done on paper or in one of the graffiti colouring books. Let them browse through graffiti books for inspiration.

If you are giving the workshop inside, the MTN Water Based spray paint is recommended, it is non-toxic and odourless. Therefore, this paint is also ideal for children. The MTN Workshop Packs contain different colours. Also take a look at our offer of benefit packs and get more for a lower price.