Explanation: MTN Pro Primer Sprays

This week, we are going to highlight the MTN Pro Primer sprays. The series contains four primers, each with a unique property for pre-treating certain materials. In addition to ensuring good adhesion of the paint, they also act as a protective layer on the material.

Primers for spray paint are a good addition to any creative, diy or home project that involves painting an object or specific surface. In most cases, the spray paint adheres well to the surfaces, so you are probably now asking yourself, “Why waste the time on prepping?”.
A primer is used for the following reasons.

  • A prime layer ensures the ultimate adhesion of the paint
  • Primers increase the durability and life span of the paint
  • Primers can revive the colour of the paint
  • With sandable primers you can apply primer coats alternating with sanding to create ultra-smooth surfaces.

Using primers means an extra step in your project. If you want the best results, this extra work can be well worth it.

Montana Colors Pro Line Spray on primers

When you look at the Montana Colors PRO Primer series, there are four types of primers, each with their own specific use and application. The four MTN Pro Line Primers are: the EPS Primer; the Plastic Primer; the White Base Primer; and the Gesso Primer. With these primers you can work on many types of surfaces, from wood, plastic, canvas, ceramic, metal, styrofoam etc.

Montana Colors Pro Line EPS Primer

MTN EPS Primer is specifically designed for use with Styrofoam and similar polystyrene materials. Normal paint spraying on Styrofoam or polystyrene will cause the foam to shrivel and deform, making it impossible to work directly with spray paint. When spraying, EPS Primer applies a grey, acrylic-based protective layer along the porous exterior of the object. Once dry (5-10 minutes), EPS Primer makes it easy to apply any kind of paint to the polystyrene object! To ensure complete coverage before applying the spray paint, we recommend applying no less than five thin layers of EPS Primer.

Key features of MTN Colors Pro Line EPS Primer:

  • Extremely fast drying time
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Contains no lead or other heavy metals
  • Perfect adhesion
  • Excellent coverage

Montana Colors Pro Line Plastic Primer

As the name suggests, Montana Colors Pro Line Plastic Primer is ideal for priming plastic surfaces. Many people don’t realise that painting many types of plastic is impossible without first applying a primer. Sometimes it just peels off and sometimes it never seems to dry and the paint layer remains sticky to the touch. This is where the Plastic Primer comes in handy! This primer provides a transparent, colourless coating on the outside of the plastic surface. After Montana Plastic Primer has dried, any type of paint can easily be applied to the object. What sets Montana Colors Pro Line Plastic Primer apart from plastic primers from other brands, is that MTN Colors uses special additives, which optimize the adhesion of subsequent layers of paint. To put it simply, the Montana Colors Primer grabs the paint particles and locks them in place, which ensures vibrant colour and a smooth finish to any paint applied to the surface once the primer has dried. We recommend applying at least three thin coats of plastic primer, allowing 5-10 minutes drying time between each coat. Montana Colors plastic primer is perfect for use on models, plastic parts, toys, chairs and other plastic items.

Key features of MTN Colors Pro Line Plastic Primer:

  • Extremely fast drying time
  • High elasticity
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Excellent adhesion

MTN Pro White Base Primer

Do you prefer other crafts and diy projects such as picture frames, vases or lanterns? Then the MTN Pro White Base Primer might be for you. The White Base Primer from Montana Colors is ideal for use with wood, metal and ceramics. The main purpose of the White Base Primer is to improve the adhesion of spray colours and increase the vibrancy of your paint colours. Like other Montana Colors paints, White Base Primer is designed for maximum coverage with extremely high coverage. MTN Colors Pro Line White Base Primer offers a solvent-based, matt white, protective coating that is extremely durable and known to be scratch resistant. As with the other MTN Pro primers, we recommend applying a minimum of three primer coats with 5-10 minutes drying time for best results.

Key features of MTN Pro Line White Base Primer:

  • Extremely fast drying time
  • No yellowing
  • Good adhesion
  • Excellent coverage
  • Contains no lead or other heavy metals
  • Durable
  • Quick and easy application

Montana Colors Pro Line Gesso Primer

For the fine-art artist, illustrator, designer and even crafter, Gesso Primer is the perfect tool for prepping your creative surface. This gesso spray is very versatile and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including: canvas, fabric, paper, wood, plywood, clay, cardboard and even concrete! MTN Pro Gesso Primer is indispensable for any studio or creative setting. As with the other MTN primers, we recommend a minimum of three coats with 5-10 minutes drying time to properly prepare the surface.

Key features of MTN Pro Line Gesso Primer:

  • High coverage
  • Fast drying time
  • Good adhesion
  • Contains no lead or other heavy metals
  • Excellent flexibility

As a creative or do-it-yourselfer, every surface you work on is different, so choosing the right primer can have a huge impact. Montana Colors has made the choice a lot easier with these 4 primers. Together they are suitable for surfaces from canvas to concrete and just about everything in between. Hopefully this article and instructional HOW-TO video has answered some of your questions, or at least given you insight into how primers work and their various applications.