Chameleon Colour & Blending System, colour like never before

Chameleon Colour & Blending System, colour like never before

Chameleon‘s Color & Blending System marker sets allow you to mix colours and make transitions like you have never been able to before. Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist or a professional. The unique alcohol markers allow you to take your creativity to a whole new level. The blending system makes it incredibly easy to create flawless transitions. From light to dark, dark to light and from colour to colour. This gives your work even more depth and dimension.

Much more than other alcohol markers

Chameleon Pens are alcohol-based. This means that the pigment or ink is mixed with alcohol, which means that the liquid dries quickly when coloured. Alcohol markers are very popular and a must-have for most creative people. This is due to the high colour pigmentation, the ease of applying multiple layers on top of each other and how the ink mixes without any problems. In addition, alcohol markers can be used on an enormous number of surfaces. You can of course colour on paper with alcohol markers, but you can also use them on wood, plastic, fabric, ceramics and more! In addition to all these advantages of alcohol-based ink, Chameleon Pens offer many more unique advantages due to the innovative Colour & Blending system. The sets are available in different colour combinations and they all consist of a pair of Chameleon Pens, a Mixing Chamber and a pair of Colour Tops.

Change from light to dark with the Chameleon Mixing Chamber

Create a beautiful light to dark gradient with the Chameleon Mixing Chamber. The Mixing Chamber contains a colourless marker, onto which you can click one of your Chameleon Pens. Hold the pen in a vertical position under the Mixing Chamber so that the marker tips touch. It is very important that the Mixing Chamber is on top. The range of shades you create depends on how long you hold the two parts together. Chameleon recommends removing the Pen from the Mixing Chamber after 15 seconds. The top of the tip is now saturated with transparent ink. Colour in a sideways motion, making sure the lines overlap slightly. Observe the perfect transition from light to dark. These transitions can be used to easily add highlights and shadows to your work, giving your illustrations more depth.

Go from colour to colour with Chameleon Colour Tops

For easy creation of colour to colour transitions, use one of the Color Tops with a Chameleon Pen. The Color Tops work exactly like the Mixing Chamber, only they contain coloured ink. Click the Pen under the Color Top for 15 seconds and colour sideways for a fantastic result. When using a Color Top, it is also very important to hold it over the pen while mixing. Choose which colours you want to blend flawlessly. Make transitions from light to dark by choosing two shades of the same colour, or experiment with blending complementary colours. It is even possible to stack different colours on top of the tip by using multiple Color Tops.

Endless creativity with the Chameleon Pens

The Pens can of course be mixed and layered together without using the Color Tops or Mixing Chamber. There are 52 pen colours to choose from, so the colour combinations you can create are endless! All Chameleon Pens are refillable and the tips are replaceable as well, so you can use the markers for a very long time. Experience the innovative Colour & Blending System in all possible ways and be creative like never before!

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