Snazaroo Face Paint Special FX Kit


Snazaroo Face Paint Special FX Kit

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Snazaroo Face Paint Special FX Kit

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This set is a great all round Special Effects Kit with everything you need to get started!

Special FX Wax & Gel Blood:
1. Soften a small ball of wax in your hand and apply to skin. Spread the edges with your finger to blend it into the skin. Use water for a smooth finish.
2. Make a cut in the wax with our special FX tool edge. Once applied, the wax can be painted with face paint.
3. Remove the cap and squeeze the bottle to release the fake blood. Direct it into the pre-made fake cuts.

Stipple Sponge:
Press the stipple sponge onto the moistened paint and lightly dab over the area to be covered. Perfect for beards, stubble, abrasions and other applications.

18 ml modeling wax, 50 ml dark blood gel, 2 ml burgundy face paint, a spatula for the wax, a sponge and a step-by-step special effects guide.


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